Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, Batam Bakamla Base Distributes Basic Food to Fishermen

BISNIS NEWS | BATAM — Head of Batam Bakamla Base, Colonel Bakamla I Nyoman Armenthia along with all Batam Bakamla Base personnel also shared happiness and concern in welcoming the Eid al-Fitr 1445 H., in Batam, Thursday (4/4/2024).

In this spirit of sharing, dozens of basic food packages were distributed to small fishermen around the base. Apart from that, basic food packages were also given to mothers and widows in several locations, such as Lence Island, Tembesi and West Panjang Island.

Head of Batam Bakamla Base too  make a social visit (kunsos) to the residence of one of the personnel who is experiencing a disaster. The Head of the Batam Bakamla Base expressed his hope that the existence of the base would not only carry out its duties and functions, but could also have a positive impact on the surrounding community. By sharing in the month of Ramadhan, Pangkalan Bakamla Batam seeks to spread happiness and care for others, creating strong bonds between local communities.

Furthermore, on April 2 2024, Colonel Bakamla I Nyoman Armenthia and his wife, Mrs Kadek Nyoman, and the wife of the KN Commander. Bintang Laut, Mrs Dili Andi carried out social work at the residence of one of the Batam Bakamla Base personnel, Captain Bakamla Donal, ST This visit was carried out as a form of attention to the families of personnel who have family members experiencing Global Development Delay (GDD). Kunsos is also a forum for strengthening ties of friendship and solidarity within the extended family of Pangkalan Bakamla Batam, as well as showing the leadership's care and concern for its personnel.
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